Müller Commercial: Wünderful Stuff

Müller Commercial: Wünderful Stuff

Müller and creatives from TBWA London agency have made this hilarious video commercial entitled „Wünderful Stuff“.

Now, this video is really original and you will not see something like this very often. Half cartooned, half realistic video turns the whole city into a fascinating place. Müller’s yoghurts turn vehicles and people into funny cartoon characters. It is indeed a „Wünderful Stuff“.

The video is part of a £20million campaign. Below you can also watch the „Making of Wünderful Stuff“ video.

Watch the videos and enjoy!


Client: Müller
Agency: TBWA London
Director: Antoine Bardou-Jacquet
Executive creative director Andre Laurentino
Creative directors Mike Nicholson and Paul Pateman
Agency producer Jason Ayers
Production company Partizan Lab
DoP Glynn Speekaert
Animation director Mustashrik Mahbub
Production company producers David Stewart, Isabella Paris, Henry Schofield
Editor Bill Smedly @ Work Post
Post production The Mill

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