MTV Commercial: Vocal Cords

MTV Commercial: Vocal Cords

MTV and Loducca creatives have launched a new video called „Vocal Cords“. It is part of the MTV’s „The Music Never Stops“ campaign.

The 30 second short video features… vocal cords. We can see the movements of the delicate human’s part while performing a song. It looks a little bit freaky but yet amazing and cool. At the end we finally get to see the singer.

Loducca and MTV creative collaborations are known for quite a while already. Together with director Dulcidio Caldeira, they make beautiful and original videos.

Watch the ad and tell us if you liked it.


Agency: Loducca, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Production Company: ParanoidBR
Director: Dulcidio Caldeira
Creative: Sara Lundberg, Dulcidio Caldeira, Guga Ketzer
Music: My Generation recorded by A9 Audio
Editor: Erik Reis

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