Moods Condoms Commercial: Your Time, Your Place

Moods Condoms Commercial: Your Time, Your Place

Moods Condoms and India’s BBDO creatives have made this funny advertisement about its product.

The commercial shows the story about the travel of a condom pack. The mountain climber finds it at the top of the snowy mountain. Where did it come from? Maybe from the plane which flew from Egypt. So the Sphinx is also the witness of the love games. As well as the plumber, who finds the delicate pack in the senior couple’s house.

Watch the funny ad and tell us if you liked it.


Advertising Agency: R K Swamy BBDO, India
Director: Manav Menon
Producer: Pavithra Kumar
Creative Director: Navneet Virk
Cinematography: Barun Mukherjee / Thiru
Music: Troy Kline, Steve Rice
Art Direction: Nagu.R.K
Post Production: Infinite Frameworks
Post Production: Red/Pixion
Sound Studio: Mindscreen
Offline Editor: E M Arun
Assistant Directors: Aruna Rakhee, Vaishnavi.L, Saravana Prabhu, Anirudh
Casting Director: Aysha Rau,Shashi Varma
Costumes: Pavithra Kumar, Vaishnavi.L
Makeup: Babu

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