Mona Commercial: Feastpudding

Mona Commercial: Feastpudding

Mona and advertising agency Selmore from Amsterdam have released this adorable video spot.

The cartoon commercial features George and his father. The boy is obsessed with liking puddings on the internet. He loves Mona’s pudding and votes for 200 deserts of the month. The company has created an interactive campaign, which encourages its customers to vote for their favorite flavor, so that it would come back the next month.

Watch the video and have a good laugh.


Agency: Selmore, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Creatives: Diederick Hillenius, Poppe van Pelt, Karin Heinen, Shanta Schreuder
RTV producer: Hanneke Kampschreur
Account management: Anja Froeling, Nicole Florencio
Strategy: Gijs de Bruijn
Client management: Margreet Waterweg, Thomas Gribnau, Carola Boer
Production: The Ambassadors Design & Animation
Director: Vincent Lammers
Producer: Daphne Litjens
Designers: Vincent Lammers, Nick Groeneveld, Manuel Ferrari, Ruud Troostheide
Layout and storyboard: Vincent Lammers, Nick Groeneveld, Manuel Ferrari
Character animation: Nick Groeneveld, Patrick Chin
Additional animation: Vincent Lammers, Stephanie Swart
CG supervisors: William Jeffers Mark van Berkel, Ritchy Wattimena, Jeroen Cloosterman, William Torres, Nick Groeneveld
Compositing: Stephen Pepper, Ton Habraken
Edit: Oscar Marmelstein
Sound design and music: The Ambassadors Sound Team

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