Molson Dry Beer: Association of party pros

Molson Dry’s  APP (Association of party pros) online/offline 2009 campaign

Molson Dry Beer wanted to position itself as the ultimate party beer. We had to connect drinkers with the brand as well as with one another. We developed a unique concept: A social reality game.

We created a new sport related to a social activity: the party. Players are members of the Association of Party Pros (APP), which is supported by a distinct advertising campaign and a Web platform. The game is played in all the natural habitats of “party animals:” bars, parties, concerts, Facebook, nightlife webzines and at . The players who accumulate the most points through their performances during parties are crowned with the title Party Legend. They are featured on the APP website and Facebook, get exclusive party gear at the Molson boutique, APP privileges, and ultimately represent Quebec at the Tenerife Carnival, in the Canary Islands.

The campaign, launched in 2009, became more than contagious, it went viral: thousands of players, no less than 25 parties, each bringing together over 3,000 party pros, almost 10,000 fans on Facebook, closely followed by 6 nightlife webzines and 20 winners.

The relationship between the field and the social networks in the APP campaign clearly demonstrates that the Web can work effectively with other marketing platforms to create a global experience in multiple locations, with many players. Molson Dry became a hub for social interaction between party pros all over Quebec.

Released: May 2009
Advertiser: Molson Dry Beer
Agency: Le Monde de Cossette
Country: Canada


Advertising Agency: Le Monde de Cossette, Quebec, Canada
Creative Director: Jonathan Rouxel
Copywriter: Marilou Aubin
Art Director: Kevin Lo
Production : Sandie Rotge
Illustrator: David Arcouette

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