Moe’s Southwest Grill Video: Homewrecker

Moe’s Southwest Grill Video: Homewrecker

Moe’s Southwest Grill has released this hilarious video spot to promote a Homewrecker Burrito.

In a short video we can see a chef building a spectacular house of food. He meticulously cuts, slices and dices bread and vegetables, then forms a beautiful house with a garden. Classical music plays in the background, creating a grandiose atmosphere. However, all of a sudden it changes to rock’n’roll, bringing demolition to the work of food!

Watch the video and share your impressions about it with us.


Directors: Brandon Friedman, Jon Gordon
Copywriter: Brandon Friedman
Art Director: Jon Gordon
Director: Carl Warner
Production Company: Loose Moose Productions
Editor: Eddie Kesler / Beast Atlanta
Color: Billy Gabor / CO3 Atlanta
VFX:/Finishing: Deron Hoffmeyer, Method Studios Atlanta
Music: Massive Music, NY
Sound Design: Gopal Swamy, Acoustech
Agency Producer: Sandy M. Tyler

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