Moe’s Southwest Grill Commercial: Skydiver

Moe’s Southwest Grill Commercial: Skydiver

Moe’s and advertising agency Focus Brands from Atlanta have released this amusing video spot the other day.

The spot takes place at Moe’s Southwest Grill restaurant. A guy walks in and suddenly he becomes a skydiver. The creatives have used a cartoon to demonstrate his personality and it turned into a really beautiful effect. The video presents 20 ingredients at Moe’s, which will suit any individual taste.

Watch the video and enjoy it.


Agency: Focus Brands, Atlanta, GA, USA
Creative Director: Ben Lee
Art Director: Jon Gordon
Copywriter: Brandon Friedman
Animation & Editorial: Blind
Director: Erik Buth
Colorist: Billy Gabor / Beast
Audio Engineer: Gopal Swamy / Acoustech
Original Music: Plied

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