M&M’s Commercial: One Track Mind

M&M’s Commercial: One Track Mind

M&M’s and advertising agency BBDO from New York have made another funny commercial about the latest product.

The video features a new M&M’s with no colorful shell– Ms. Brown. The tasty drop is voiced by the sexy voice owner actress and singer Vanessa Williams. Ms. Brown is on a date with a super handsome guy, who would not appreciate her brains. Unless, they are made of chocolate, too.

“After it aired, my phone started blowing up and my Twitter account started going crazy. People were asking ‘Is that you, is that you?’ It’s actually flattering that people recognize my voice!”, Vanessa said.

Watch the video and tell us if you enjoyed it.


Ad Agency: BBDO, New York
Chief creative officer: David Lubars
Executive creative director/copywriter: Lauren Connolly
Executive creative director/art director: Tim Bayne
Associate creative director/copywriter: Paul Bartow
Executive producer: Bob Emerson
Producer: Chris Lenz
Music producer: Melissa Chester
Director: Bennett Miller via Smuggler
Editor: Maury Loeb via PS 260
Visual effects: Laika/House, C/D: Kirk Kelley

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  1. B Drew at 12:21 AM

    As a consumer, I would just like to say that I find the M&M commercials totally distasteful. Why are you representing the M&Ms as being “people” and then someone ends up EATING them…In one of your commercials you actually show a lady dragging away an M&M (against their will) and taking the M&M into their car and then the lady proceeds to start eating the M&M…with the M&M fighting to get away. Does that sound like many horrific experiences that children either have or are told to watch out for this kind of predator? In other words, it’s like you are portraying the person that eats the M&Ms either as a pedophile &/or murderer. I find it truly disgusting and distasteful. I’ve gotten to the place where I change channels during your M&M commercials.

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