Mitsubishi Commercial: Midas

Mitsubishi Commercial: Midas

Mitsubishi ASX and advertising agency Africa from Brazil have released this beautiful video spot recently.

The spot is based on a myth about Midas – a king, who turned to gold everything he touched. The video features a couple who runs around the city and gets really mischievous. They touch bikes – they turn to horses. They touch dogs and turn them to sheeps. But when they get to their car, they do not change it. The guys are quite content with their Mitsubishi.

Watch the video and have a good laugh.


Agency: Africa, Brazil
Copywriters: Marcos Almirante, Ricardo Franco
Art Directors: Estefanio Holtz, Marcio Kota, Fernando Lyra
Creative Directors: Sergio Gordilho, Humberto Fernandez, Rafael Pitanguy
General Creative Director: Sergio Gordilho
Agency Production: Rodrigo Ferrari, Patricia Melito
Client Services: Celina Esteves, Carolina Barretto, Carolina Pires, Marcella Braga
Planning: Ana Paula Cortat, Marcia Nery, Fabiana Andreoli
Media: Luiz Fernando Vieira, Rodrigo Famelli, Rodrigo Rodrigues, Caroline Tanzillo, Fernanda Sad
Film Production: Fatbastards
Direction: ALASKA
Director of Photography: Marcelo Corpanni
Editing: ALASKA
Post Producers: Elton Bronzeli, Rodrigo Zorack
Post Production: NASH
Executive Production: André Pinho, Fernando Carvalho
Sound Production: A9 Áudio
Sound Production: Cherry Poppin’ Daddyes
Voice over: Renato Goda

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