Miracle Whip Ads: Witch Hunt and Village

Miracle Whip Ads: Witch Hunt and Village

Miracle Whip hasa teamed up with director Joachim Back to make this funny campaign.

The two videos below take place at the Medieval village. Its residents are narrow minded and superstitious. They do not like anything new: they prefer the old. The old is the best. So there is a big dissatisfaction when a women with a strange letters MW on her chest comes to the village. They also suspect a young girl to be a witch because she has the Miracle Whip in her kitchen.

Fortunataly, nothing bad happens. A few weirdos even would like to try this delicious sauce from Kraft.

Watch the videos and tell us if you liked them.


Director Joachim Back
Chief Creative Officer Ned Crowley
Copywriter Tyler Campbell
Art Director Brant Herzer
Group Creative Director Dave Reger
Group Creative Director Michael Straznikas
Producer Katie Juras
Executive Producer Jackie Kelman Bisbee
DoP Lisa Burke Snyder
Editing Company White House
Editor Rick Lawley

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