MINI: Two Untamed. Final chapter

MINI: Two Untamed. Final chapter

MINI Coupé Concept and MINI Roadster Concept

MINI Celebrates 50 Years With the Unveiling of the Secret Twins. You guessed it, the twins in MINI videos represent the two new concept cars that are being debuted at the Frankfurt Auto Show today as part of the MINI 50th birthday celebrations.

In 1959, the debut of the first classic Mini changed the standards of the automobile world with its innovative design and creative use of space. Cool people liked it, and MINI established itself as a fashionable tastemaker. So, no one would expect MINI to turn 50 without paying homage to its tradition as a leader of style. Today, 50 years after the first MINI took the world by storm, two new styles of MINI concept cars are debuting at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show.

In preparation of this concept debut MINI released three teaser videos starring a pair of twins who danced, teased, and haunted us. MINI scoured the world to find twins charismatic, beautiful and nimble enough to represent the new twin models.

The first three sneak preview videos were aired consecutively last week in Part I, Part II, and Part III, and today MINI gives you the fourth and final chapter. The lingering questions raised by the first three clips are answered at last. And yes, as you suspected – the warring twins are the two duel personalities of the two new MINI.

For the athletically inclined, the MINI Coupé Concept radiates an exuberant fleetness. The hallmark compact MINI build is edged with an agile sportiness that is ready to dart by in a flash. The audacious and aggressive twin from the viral makes clear that this car is for adventurous natures.

For the fashionable, the MINI Roadster Concept evokes MINI’s refined qualities while enhancing aesthetic aspects to lend it a unique spin. A bit posher than any MINI that came before it, the Roadster impresses the elegant as well as those who like to make a dashing first impression. The notchback contour of the Roadster concept differentiates it from the MINI Convertible


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