Microsoft Video: Live Tile Experiment

Microsoft Video: Live Tile Experiment

Microsoft Windows 8 and advertising agency McCann from Oslo have pulled off this incredible web video.

The commercial depicts a real situation, which was set up by the creatives for passengers. See how casual walk home can turn into an unexpected party, that goes out into a street. The video features music band from Norway Datarock.

Watch the video and share your impressions about it.


Agency: McCann, Oslo, Norway
Creatives: Jørgen Gjærum, Frank Undheim, Christian Aune, Pål Dobloug
Account Director: Marius Zachariasen
Account Managers: Mari Lund, Merete Hildonen
Agency Producer: Beril Holte Rasmussen
Account Director Media: Simen Kjær
Production: Motion Blur
Director: Hallvar Witzø
Producer: Bruno Kvae
Photo: Karl Erik Brøndbo

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