Microsoft Launches A Giant Campaign For The Windows Phone 7 Smartphone

Microsoft Launches A Giant Campaign For The Windows Phone 7 Smartphone

Microsoft is about to launch the Windows Phone 7 trying hard to regain the mobile market share lost to iPhone and Android handsets.

The new phones will initially be available on AT&T, USA. Prototype devices have been shown previously and have a lot of similarities to the iPhone. So it won’t be easy for Microsoft. The iPhone has been here for four years and Android has been blazing away for two years. Can Windows Phone 7 prove to be better than those two?

Well, only time will tell. But Microsoft is doing its best and launching the largest campaign that the mobile market has ever seen. According to latest statements from experts, Microsoft is planning to spend about $400 million on core marketing of the Windows Phone 7.

Eight global video ads will launch across Europe from tomorrow and air in the US on the 25th of October. These humorous videos show awkward moments our addiction to our phones can create and carry the concept that “It’s time for a phone that will save us from our phones”. This tagline implies that the Windows Phone 7 should provide its users with a better way to organize the information on the phone so that they could get to the stuff that is most important to them easier and faster. Well, we will watch and see.

Below you can check the two videos that have been revealed:

Season Of The Which


The eight ads will be followed up with six 30-second TV spots about the specific experiences that Windows Phone 7 enables, such as use photos, People Hub, Xbox LIVE and Bing.

Microsoft is also going to use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and MySpace where people can engage in dialogue with the company and tell their own observations of the phone.

To learn more about the WIndows 7 Phone, check its website.

Released: October, 2010
Client: Microsoft
Advertising agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky, USA

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  1. Laura at 1:11 PM

    Love the videos, but have doubts if this ‘use your phone less’ idea goes well with mobile operators..

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