Michelin Ad Campaign: The Right Tire Changes Everything (Save on fuel)

Michelin Ad Campaign: The Right Tire Changes Everything (Save on fuel)


Michelin has launched its first global advertising campaign called “The Right Tire Changes Everything”, starring Michelin Man, one of advertising’s most famous characters in the world. As ambassador of the Michelin brand, he comes to the aid of motorists in trouble, replacing their faulty tires with Michelin tires that he pulls from his body, thereby enabling them to keep driving.

The campaign’s theme – “The right tire changes everything” – is intended to illustrate the competitive advantages of Michelin tires in media outlets around the world.

In response to today’s increasingly competitive business environment, Michelin has decided to launch an unconventional global campaign to explain to consumers the benefits of using its tires.

Michelin tires simultaneously deliver enhanced braking power, greater longevity and superior fuel efficiency. The campaign shows that by using the right tire, consumers can reduce fuel consumption, increase driving safety and extend tread life.

Watch the first TV commercial where The Michelin Man Defeats the Evil Gas Pump. This commercial showing, that using the right tire, consumers can reduce fuel consumption. The new Michelin Energy Saver tire is so efficient that can save you 109 gallons of fuel more the tires of competition. Two more commercials where we should see how right tires can increase driving safety and extend tread life coming soon.

The worldwide campaign will launch initially in the United States and then be gradually deployed in 55 countries. In addition, the U.S. campaign launch features an enhanced digital strategy introducing the official Michelin Man Facebook page.

Created by TBWA, the new campaign reflects Michelin’s commitment to maintaining its market leadership.

** UPDATE: Michelin Save on fuel print ads **

Michelin Save on fuel Print Ad

Michelin Save on fuel Print Ad

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  1. John at 4:27 PM

    Interesting. Typical hyped-up marketing. Michelin claims 109 gallons over 55,000 miles of driving will be saved. The average driver travels about 12,000 miles a year. This means the savings would be spread over a period of 4.58 years. The 109 gallons saved spread over 4.58 years equals 24 gallons (23.58 gallons) saved a year. Wow. That is half a gallon a week. Based on $2.70 a gallon, you save about $1.30 per week. Michelin’s tests are most likely under perfect optimum conditions. That is perfectly controlled: speed, temperature, air pressure, road surface, etc. How many people can drive perfectly for 4.58 years on a road with perfect surfaces? How many people’s tires last 55,000 miles? Seriously, depending on the price of the tires, many would be better to buy a less expensive tire and replace them. It should be obvious when Michelin claims to save 109 gallons in their advertisement, they do not say over what period of time. Sounds great, makes me want to rush out and buy a set right now and save all that money!

  2. walkingman717 at 8:13 PM

    The Teenage Ninja Turtles should sue Michelin for stealing their look.

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