Micasa Commercial: Sofa California

Micasa Commercial: Sofa California

Micasa – the Austrian furniture brand – has launched a new hilarious commercial together with the creatives from SFLB agency.

The advertisement features the scientists who are about to test the stain resistant couch. They put a huge Christmas tree into a crusher and points it towards a simulated living room with a California sofa. After the crusher spits out the crushed tree, all the bright furniture are left covered under the dirt. But the California sofa is very easy to clean and is bright again as nothing has ever happened.

The voice behind the camera explains, that kids would play outside in the dirt, in the woods even while raining. And then they would come back to a clean home and ruin it. Unless there are the stain resistant furniture.

Watch the funny ad and share your opinion about it.


Director: Alex Feil
Agency: SFLB
Client: Micasa

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