Method Campaign: Clean Happy

Method Campaign: Clean Happy

This March the household product brand Method launched a new video campaign entitled “Clean happy”.

Clean is in. Method together with the agency Mekanism are injecting some fun into an awfully boring activity, coming up with this musical video. Song “Young Blood” by The Naked and Famous with the choreographed ensemble looks energetic and fresh.

The “Clean Happy” video has gotten a fair amount of attention on YouTube – over 1 million views, 673 likes, and over 150 comments – within the few weeks.

The video reflects Method’s desire to be considered as a “fun, human” brand, according to Method co-founder Eric Ryan. He describes the campaign’s tone as “ ‘Flight of the Conchords meets Willy Wonka.” Ryan also hopes the campaign reaches wider audience, because the brand is “getting stronger” but “a lot of people still don’t know about us.”

Watch the video and dance along!


Agency: Mekanism
Client: Method
Director: Tommy Means
Production Company Producer: Stef Smith
Production Company ECD: Tommy Means
Production Designer: Jeremy Reed
Art Director: Dean Backer
DP.: Andy Lilien
DP Rep: Gregg D’Allesandro
Editor: Ethan Indorf
Editing Company: Ethan Indorf
Editing Company: Lasse Jarvi
EP: Stef Smith
EP: Elizabeth Morse
Creative Team: Tommy Means
Creative Team: Ian Kovalik
Creative Team: Tony Benna
Creative Team: Tom Lyons
Creative Team: Liam Devowski
Creative Team: Courtney Booker
Creative Team: Andre Ricciardi
Creative Team: Paul Sincoff
Brand Strategy: Mimi Cook

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