MegaStar Cineplex Commercial: Amazed

MegaStar Cineplex Commercial: Amazed

MegaStar Cineplex and Vietnam’s TBWA have rolled out this funny commercial about the cinema theater.

The advertisement features people who seem to do their casual duties like school, work, dinner, but all seem to be astonished by something. The reason why they look surprised is the MeagaStar Cinema Theater which gives you the best image quality and best special effects so that the audience stays amazed for a long time.

Watch this ad and tell your opinion about it.


Advertising Agency: TBWA\Vietnam
Executive CD: Patrick Tom
Associate CD: Fanindra Jain
Writer: Fanindra Jain, Nhung Nguyen
Art Director: Khanh Mai
Production Company: Fatman Films
Exec Producer: Gordon Westman
Producer: Hai Ta
Director: Patrick Tom
DOP: Hai Bac
Post Production: Pixels Garden
Production Manager: Trang Pham
Music: Ian Parkinson, Clive Young / Those Music Guys P/L
Account Services: Bui Quanh Anh

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  1. Dinh at 7:25 AM

    I see this every time before I see movie and I still love it!

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