Media Markt Prank: The T-Shirt Change

Media Markt Prank: The T-Shirt Change

Media Markt and advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather from Berlin have released this hysterical campaign recently.

As both Germany and Italy are crazy about football and both countries have their national teams in the World Cup, the German electronics retailer decided to convert the world to supporting their team exclusively. The company has prepared a special laundry service, where Italian T-shirts are changed to the German ones. See the reactions – they are priceless!

Watch the video and have a good laugh.


Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Berlin
Client: Media Markt
Strategy: Thomas Strerath
Creative: Dr. Stephan Vogel
Creative: Nico Ammann
Creative: Bent Kroggel
Creative: Sascha Dudic
Creative: Hendrik Frey
Creative: Lisa Reissner
Creative: Constantin Camesasca
Creative: Thorsten Busser
Creative: Christopher Buers
Creative: Tobias Roben
Creative: Anna Beimel
Creative: Benjamin Betz
Creative: Christian Urbanski
Creative: Serge Blechschmidt
Creative: Thomas Koch
Creative: Michael Buss
Creative: Sebastian Blum
Creative: Sebastian Wolf
Creative Assistant: Yves Rosengart
Creative Assistant: Jonas Bailly
Creative Assistant: Nadine Ries

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