Meccano Prints: Build It

Meccano Prints: Build It

Meccano and advertising agency Y&R from Paris have launched a new print campaign.

Three images feature kids. In each of them they have something they want, but cannot have. Therefore, instead of crying and complaining, they made it themselves: a dog, a drum kit and a motorbike. Simple yet magnificent idea, that perfectly presents Meccano models. The title says: If you can’t have it, build it. Indeed!

See the prints below and tell us if you liked them.





Advertising agency: Y&R, Paris, France
Creative Directors: Jorge Carreno, Robin de Lestrade
Art director: Emmanuel Courteau
Copywriter: Pierre – Philippe Sardon
Account managers: Xavier Real Del Sarte, Clarisse Duchemin, Nicolas Favier, Delphine Cotellon
Planner: Céline Mazza
Photographer: Achim Lippoth / Bransch
Art Buyer: Claire Nicaise-Schindler
Model maker: Charlie Leborgne
3D Artist: Elizabeth Sillard / Lamanufacture Paris
Digital retoucher: MK Studios

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