McDonald’s Wi-Fi Commercial: Wi-Fries

McDonald’s Wi-Fi Commercial: Wi-Fries

This is the new McDonald’s print ad promoting free Wi-Fi internet in their restaurants. McDonald’s brand is strong enough so that the red and yellow combination would be recognized by everyone. But this ad is targeted at people who are familiar with Wi-Fi internet and use it. For people who don’t use Wi-Fi, the symbol made of French fries in this ad doesn’t mean anything, other than just McDonald’s colors and four French fries. But for those who use Wi-Fi internet this symbol is known and they don’t need any other comments in the ad to understand that now McDonald’s provides Wi-Fi internet in their restaurants.


Advertising Agency: DDB Sydney, Australia
Executive Creative Director: Matt Eastwood
Creative Group Head: Adam Rose
Art Director: Matt Knapp
Copywriter: John Downing

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