McDonald’s Commercial: Champions of Happy

McDonald’s Commercial: Champions of Happy

Leo Burnett Chicago created a new commercial for McDonald’s “Champions of Happy” – the meal for kids.

The advertisement is a fun cartoon about the boy Ferris who lives in the Funky Farm with his animal friends helping him with the crop growing. The characters would tell the story about the farm, would sing and simply have fun. A very compelling ad for kids.

The McDonald’s is said to create a commercial which would introduce the balanced eating for kids. The fun characters would make nutrition attractive for children.

Watch the cute cartoon and tell us what you think about it.


Campaign: “Champions of Happy”
Spot: “Ferris”
Agency: Leo Burnett
Chief Creative Officer, USA: Susan Credle
EVP, Executive Creative Director: John Montgomery
VP, Creative Director, Art Director: Keith Hughes
Associate Creative Director, Art Director: Jill Fix
Copywriters: John Montgomery, Jonathan Fussell
SVP, Executive Producer: Denis Giroux
Producer: Bridget Rose, Ross Greenblatt
Production Company: Duck Studios
Music Company: Comma Music

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  1. Peter at 12:38 PM

    Nice commercial guys. It’s something different than most commercials you see these days. Very colorfull and artistic, think it would especially appeal to children. I think I like most these Coca Cola commercials from that happification where they go behind the Coca Cola machine. These ones with that song from la… la… la… la la. I love those. They definitely should make more commercials like this.

  2. john at 7:46 PM

    this was an interesting commercial, epecially the pink girl dinosaur named Dena. I was hoping that there would’ve been a fun coloring printable of her on the Mcdonalds mckids website.

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