“Mayhem Is Coming” TV Campaing From Allstate Insurance

“Mayhem Is Coming” TV Campaing From Allstate Insurance

In summer Allstate insurance company released a very interesting and at the same time disruptive TV campaign called “Mayhem is Coming” which also went viral very well. In this campaign Dean Winters (you might know him from TV shows like “Oz” and “30 Rock”) personifies bad things that could happen to your car, like collisions, storm damage, deer on the road, etc.

This advertising campaign was part of efforts by Mr. LaNeve, who joined Allstate from General Motors, to reposition the company as selling not just insurance but also protection. “Mayhem is Coming” was ment to open a second front for Allstate insurance company in the insurance wars to compete more effectively with price-oriented rivals like Geico.

Watch the videos:

Quarterback Mayhem

Puppy Mayhem

Tree Branch Mayhem

Teen Driver Mayhem

Large Espresso Mayhem

Jogger Mayhem

Satellite Mayhem

Deer Mayhem

Created: July, 2010
Client: Allstate Insurance
Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett
Country: United States

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  1. Joe at 8:13 PM

    i absolutely laughed my ass off when i first saw this… then i saw it again, and laughed harder… and then i thought to myself, “geez when’s the last time i’ve laughed harder at a commercial the second time around??” allstate’s doing good work to keep me from fast-forwarding through my tivo

  2. Alicia at 8:18 AM

    I have never, in my life, fallen in love with an actor in a commercial. I am in love with Dean Winters. …And Mayhem…I actually look forward to these commercials. How often can you say that?

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