Marvin Magazine Campaign: Music Fan Species

Marvin Magazine Campaign: Music Fan Species

Marvin Magazine and advertising agency Latin Works from Austin have released a new funny campaign recently.

The videos depict a generations’ clash in music. However, the creatives chose to express it with animals, which makes the campaign even more hilarious. The first spot features a Comodo Dragon, who is complaining about the horrible contemporary music. He is a classic rock lover, you see. The second video features a sentimental tucan, who is fond of the older hits. But Marvin Magazine is for every species of music fan.

Watch the videos and have a good laugh.


Agency: LatinWorks, Austin, USA
Creative Directors: Sergio Alcocer, Hernán Cerdeiro, Rodrigo Rothschild, Victor Rojas
Art Director: Victor Rojas
Copywriter: Rodrigo Rothschild
Director: Rodrigo Valdés

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