Martini Web Video: Take Me Home Machine

Martini Web Video: Take Me Home Machine

Martini and Moscow’s advertising agency Friends have launched this web video introducing us to the Take Me Home Machine.

The video takes place at a night club. Martini initiated the campaign against driving drunk. If you buy a Martini, you get to use the machine which measures alcohol in blood for free. If it turns out that you are too drunk to drive, it gives you a 30% discount on Taxi Mini. It seems like an amazing initiative, since a lot of car accidents happen due to driving drunk.

Watch the video and tell us what you think about this campaign.


Advertising Agency: Friends, Moscow, Russia
Creative Director: Arina Avdeeva
Copywriter: Semyon Polyakovskiy
Art Directors: Alexander Zavacky, Arina Avdeeva
Designer: Max Denisov
Production company: The Viewmakers’ Studio
General Producers: Anastasia Kotelnikova, Artem Mansimov
Product Designers: Aleksandr Veshaev, Gaya Asaturova
Programmer: Tigran Azaryants

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