Magnum Commercial: Brown Is In

Magnum Commercial: Brown Is In

Magnum and advertising agency BBH from Mumbai have released this nice video spot.

The commercial promotes delicious ice cream, coated in a thick layer of the best Belgian chocolate. To capture the effect the creatives have made this aesthetically captivating spot, where people at the opulent party get covered in chocolate as well, meanwhile an ice cream goddess watches them from above.

Watch the video and enjoy this beautiful feast.


Agency: BBH, Mumbai, India
Managing Director: Arvind Krishnan
Chief Creative Officer: Russell Barrett
Executive Creative Director: Rajesh Mani
Creative Directors: Sapna Ahluwalia, Fritz Gonsalves
Executive Producer: Bhavna Singh
Business Director: Delon Mascarenhas
Strategist: Sanjay Sharma
Strategist: Axon Alex
Account Director: Shruti Bhandari
Music + Sound Production: Mikey Mccleary
Director: Razneesh Ghai

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