Maccabee Beer Commercial: Tasty Tasty

Maccabee Beer Commercial: Tasty Tasty

Maccabee Beer and director Vania Heymann have made this funny video ad lately.

The spot features Isaiah Mustafa, who you might know from Old Spice campaign. In this spot he becomes Maccabee Beer’s ambassador and convinces a guy, that he loves the beer. The commercial might be too exaggerated. However, the journey around the world makes it quite an entertaining one.

Watch the spot and share your impressions about it.


Concept: Allenby Concept House, Vania Heymann
Directing, Editing and VFX: Vania Heymann
Featuring: Isaiah Mustafa, Niv Majar, Julian Chagrin, Mor Hazan
Produced by: and Periscope Productions ltd.
Executive Producers: Srulik Einhorn, Guy Assif, Eran Nizri
Cinematography: Roman Linetsky

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