Lynx Excite Angels in London’s Victoria station

Lynx Excite Angels in London’s Victoria station

As part of the “Fallen Angels” campaign, Lynx have rolled out an interesting Augmented Reality Advertising Campaign at one of the biggest stations in London – London’s Victoria station.

In the middle of the station a large dot was put were people had to look above. Once people stepped inside the special Lynx Excite box the Excite Angels literally fall to earth (such as in their commercial, which you can see at the end of article) and it was all captured live on the huge screen on the station concourse.

It’s one of the first times Lynx has used new angel technology which allowed them to interact with members of the public live on the station concourse. The campaign was created by BBH, London. Look at the result in the clip below.

Also if you don’t see a Lynx Excite TV ad – Even Angels Will Fall watch it after the jump.

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