Louie Louie Record Store Prints: Chemistry

Louie Louie Record Store and advertising agency Leo Burnett from Lisboa have released these incredibly beautiful prints lately.

The images depict people, who listen to very different musicians. The chemistry happens between those, who listen to Janis Joplin and Led Zeppelin, while a Madonna fan is left alone. As well as a Jay-Z’s fan gets along better with a guy, who listens to Kanye West, rather than with a Metallica’s admirer.

The titles say: Chemistry. A Metter Of Music.

See the prints below and have a good laugh.




Agency: Leo Burnett, Lisboa, Portugal
Executive Creative Director: Luciana Cani
Art Director: Lincoln Guimarães
Copywriter: Jaime Nascimento
Illustration: Magma Image
Photographer: Miguel Ângelo
Producer: Gabriela Pinheiro

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