Liquipel Commercial: Steve Aoki Informercial

Liquipel Commercial: Steve Aoki Informercial

Liquipel and advertising agency Lord Danger have released this hysterical video spot the other day.

The video features a popular DJ Steve Aoki and a nameless gorgeous blonde girl. The duo presents a revolutionary waterproof technology. Just soak your smartphone into Liquipel and you’re done with waterproofing. The video is really funny and it is surprising that it is an actual commercial rather than a hilarious spoof.

Watch the video and have a good laugh.


Agency: Lord Danger
Client: Liquipel
Production Company: Lord Danger
Director: Dan Packer
Producer: Maxwell Riesberg
Producer: Josh Shadid
Art Design: Paul Bianchi
Sound Design: Dan Kenyon
Cinematographer: Aaron Grasso
Editor: Dan Packer
Colorist: Gregory Reese
Wardrobe Design: Patrick Glendening
Makeup: Daniela Grasso

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