Liquid Plumr Commercial: Double Impact

Liquid Plumr Commercial: Double Impact

The Liquid Plumr commercial and DDB in San Francisco rolled out this hilarious ad called “Double Impact”.

The advertisement features a woman in a mall buying The Liquid Plumr which apparently has a double effect. But the funniest part is when she imagines the situation how it really suppose to work. So there are these two hot guys who would come into her house and say these two controversial lines: “I’m here to snake your drain,” and “I’m here to flush your pipe”. So they are snaking and flushing… in her dreams.

The view count on Youtube alone has climbed over the million and a half.

You must watch this funny video.


Title: Liquid Plumr “Double Impact”
Agency: DDB San Francisco
Director: Clay Weiner
Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks

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