Lincoln Video: The Script Road Trip

Lincoln Video: The Script Road Trip

Lincoln Steer and advertising agency Hudson Rouge from New York have released this beautiful and amusing video ad.

The video tells a story – your story, which was tweeted by a fan and developed by the creatives. They have picked one answer to a question “What’s the craziest thing that ever happened to you on a road trip?“ and this is a result. The spot features a lady and a hitchhiker, who she met on the way to someone else’s wedding. However, a couple have experienced many fun adventures on their journey, that have made them closer.

The campaign continues and encourages fans to tell, where do they want to go next. Get involved!

Watch the spot, as well as “Behind the Scenes” video, and have a good laugh.


Agency: Hudson Rouge, New York
Director: Matt Piedmont via Prettybird, Los Angeles
Director of photography: Salvatore Totino
Producer: Bernard Cahill

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