LG Ad: The Thief

LG Ad: The Thief

LG and Amsterdam’s Y&R have launched this hilarious commercial entitled “The Thief”.

The one minute video features a man. We can see him from the store’s security camera. He is strangely walking backwards, staring at the camera. At the end we realize that he has an Oled Tv in his bosom. The guard noticed him too late.

The new LG Oled Tv is so thin. The slimmest TV in the world might be too slim – at least for the security cameras to notice it.

Watch the funny commercial and have a good laugh.


Agency Y&R Amsterdam
Director Hans Knaapen
Creative Director Lionell Schuring
Creative Director Sheldon Bont
Art Director Theo Korf
Copywriter Andrew Maaldrink
Art Director Nick Plomp
Client Team Director Monique Nijenhof
Post production Postoffice Amsterdam

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