Lexus ES Commercial: Cards (Bryan Berg)

Lexus ES Commercial: Cards (Bryan Berg)

Lexus ES Commercial – Cards. We started by designing one of the smoothest engines anywhere. Then we included 88 measures to absorb, dampen and even cancel vibrations. To demonstrate these vibration-reducing features, we wanted to put the ES in the most fragile and unstable environment imaginable. So going a few steps beyond the proverbial house of cards, we set out to build an entire city around and on top of the vehicle.

Lexus ES Commercial: Cards – Behind the Scenes

If you want to create an enormous house of cards, there’s only one guy to turn to – Bryan Berg. A self-taught artist, Bryan has been stacking cards since he was eight years old. He set his first Guinness World record when he was 17, with a tower measuring 14 feet, six inches tall. He has since set six more world records; his current record-holding structure towered over 25 feet.

Released: January 2009
Advertiser: Lexus
Brand name: Lexus ES
Agency: Team One
Country: USA


Product: Lexus ES
Agency: Team One, Los Angeles
Production Company: MJZ, Los Angeles
Director: Dante Ariola
CCO: Chris Graves
GCDs: Gavin Lester, Jon Pearce
Art Director: Ryan “Pocket” Fluet, Lou Flores
Copywriter: Molly Grubbs, Schuyler Vanden Bergh
Editor: Kirk Baxter
Agency Producer: Beth Hagen

Executive Producers: Jeff Scruton, Eric Stern
Line Producer: Natalie Hill
DoP: Toby Irwin
Telecine: Company 3
Colorist: Stefan Sonnenfeld

Editorial Company: Rock Paper Scissors
Executive Producers: Linda Carlson, CL Weaver
Producer: Kim Colen
Editor: Kirk Baxter
Asst. Editor: Ryan Delk

VFX Company: a52
Executive Producer: Ron Cosentino
Producers: Heather Johann, Pete King
VFX Supervisor: Tim Bird
Flame Artists: Joana Cruz, Mike Bliss, George Cuddy, Alex Kolansinski

Music Company: Elias
Sound Design: Stimmung Films
Final Mix: Juice
Mixer: Bob Gremore

Principal Talent: Bryan Berg

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