Levis Commercial: Powersliding Is Not A Crime

Levi’s holded a Powersliding event on April 15 in Santa Monica, US where legendary powersliders had been showing off classic moves

Here is a viral for this event totally fitting Levis brand (“a pants so strong you can slide all surfaces with it”).

Info under this youtube’s video:

“If you dig this video, powerslide your way down to the Santa Monica Pier where Levi’s will be hosting the 3rd Annual Powersliding Competition on April 15th. I expect you ALL to be there, even if you’ve never touched a rail. There’s gonna be some intense sliding, live music and other fun stuff.

Where: Santa Monica Pier
When: Wednesday April 15th, 3-5pm
Music: Matt and Kim

The NYC guys and PDX should be there, along with other legends like myself. Expect to see some crazy stuff.”

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