Lego Commercial: BrainBricks

Lego Commercial: BrainBricks

Lego and advertising agency from Netherlands Wonder Years have launched this video introducing a new Lego BrainBricks experience.

The video demonstrates how it looks when Lego bricks go digital. BrainBricks have become possible on the digital devices so that you can enjoy the game anywhere and anytime you want. Furthermore, when you wirelessly construct a Lego car, for instance, you can use it playing a car race video game. And the results depend on how good you have built the car. How futuristic is that?!

Watch the video and let us know if you would like to try BrainBricks.


Advertising Agency: Wonder Years, Netherlands
Art Director: Bas van de Poel, Daan van Dam
Copywriter: Bas van de Poel, Daan van Dam

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