LeBron James’ Nike Commercial “Rice” Cleveland Remix, Southpark and Michelle Beadle Spoofs

LeBron James’ Nike Commercial “Rice” Cleveland Remix, Southpark and Michelle Beadle Spoofs

After the latest Nike Basketball Commercial with LeBron James: Rise there comes several spoof of this commercial over the internet. The most popular was made by Dan Wantz, South Park and Michelle Beadle.

The first one video is a response from Cleveland. Cleveland filmmaker Dan Wantz remixed Nike LeBron James “Rise” commercial with a response that features answers to LeBron’s questions from Cleveland fans.

The video below portrays different Cleveland sports fans and their disgust with James. They reminded LeBron James that he quit on the city in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals against the Boston Celtics and also commented on his lack of loyalty and the video also played a clip of LeBron saying that his goal was to bring a championship to the city of Cleveland and how he won’t stop until it happened.

Lebron James “Rise” Commercial & Cleveland’s Response

The second is a spoof from South Park. In the episode, titled “Mysterion Rises”, they took the James commercial and put it in BP’s perspective.

In the scene from “Mysterion Rises” episode, Tony Hayward (the former CEO of BP), Cartman (as “The Coon”) and Captain Hindsight (another superhero) files around and tells everyone what they did wrong after they did it. While the scene itself contains many shots similar to the LeBron James’s Nike commercial, Cartman is the one to really drive the comparison home, wondering aloud:

“Should I admit I was wrong, ask for everyone’s forgiveness and go back to my original team? No, screw that, I’m just going to keep being a [email protected] dick”

‘South Park’ Spoofs LeBron’s Nike Commercial ‘Rise’

Third funny parody is made by Michelle Beadle of ESPN’s SportsNation. Out of all of the options, Michelle does the right thing, and eats the delicious pink donut.

Michelle Beadle Spoof of LeBron’s Commercial “Rise”

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