Land Rover Prints: Exotic Food

Land Rover and advertising agency Y&R from Dubai have released this affective campaign recently.

The images present very exotic dishes. However, if you are a Land Rover’s driver, you will probably go to places, where they serve worms or tarantulas. And the Land Rover’s driver will definitely have no problems eating it!

The titles say:

Stir Fried Sago Worms:
A popular breakfast dish in the Jungles of Borneo.
Adventure rating: 7/10

Toasted Goliath Tarantula:
A favourite snack for children in the Orinoco River Basin.
Adventure rating: 8/10

Stewed Wildebeest Eyeballs:
A tribal delicacy served at weddings in the Namibian Bush.
Adventure rating: 9/10

Fruit bat soup:
A gourmet treat on the Island of Palau.
Adventure rating: 10/10

See the images below. Good appetite!

warms tarantulas wildbeast bat

Agency: Y&R, Dubai, UAE

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