Krispy Kernels Commercial: Couch

Krispy Kernels Commercial: Couch

Krispy Kernels and Canada’s lg2 Quebec have made this hilarious advertisement.

The guy simply is sitting on the sofa as if waiting for someone or just relaxing. He notices the pack of Krispy Kernel’s on the table and takes a couple of krispy nuts. Unfortunately, few fall on the couch and one of them rolls in its gap. As he goes after it, he finds something amazing. There is a huge space under the couch, full of Krispy Kernels. Someone is in there. “Dad? I thought you left us”, the guy is stunned. Dad tells him to be silent though.

Watch this hilarious commercial and have a good laugh.


Advertising Agency: lg2 Quebec, Canada
Creative: Luc Du Sault
Production Company: Stephanie Lord / Quatre Zero Un
Director: Nicolas Monette
Sound Engineer : Boogie Studio

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