Kraft Commercial: Lonely Lettuce

Kraft Commercial: Lonely Lettuce

Kraft has launched a new hilarious commercial for its Salad Dressing together with creative agency Being.

The video features a poor lettuce which is going through a sad divorce with a Kraft Salad Dressing. The Lettuce does not want to eat, cannot sleep, is not enjoying life anymore. The world seems like a dark place to be in. Especially when the beloved Dressing is just on the other side of the street, having a party with other food.

The advertisement’s creative director Kirk Kelley is already known as being responsible for visual and technical innovations in his works. Well, this ad is no exception.

Watch this funny video and tell us if you like it.


Agency: Being
Client: Kraft
Creative Director: Kirk Kelley
Animation Director: Nicholas Weigel
Client: Kraft – Anything Dressing

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  1. Lynne Gregor at 6:41 AM

    Great commercial. Who is singing “So
    mething told me it was over?

  2. Kenny at 5:50 AM

    Earl Thomas — “I’d rather go blind” Thats the name of the song. Hope this helps.. Original song by Etta james

  3. Chey at 7:09 AM

    Lynn, that’s what I wanna know! I know that song is called “I’d rather go blind” and I can find it from others, but not this version. This is the version I want!!

  4. Ed R at 11:56 PM

    Great commercial. I recognize the Etta James classic song “I’d Rather Go Blind” and I’m guessing that as the Micheal Grimm version, right?

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