Kotex Commercial: Aunt Flo

Kotex Commercial: Aunt Flo

Kotex has released another hilarious spot.

The brand has made its name in the advertisement world by creating very funny stories, that make the uncomfortable topic laughable. This time the spot features Aunt Flo who travels around the country visiting girls and women.

Watch the video and have a good laugh.


Director: Max Sherman

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  1. khill at 5:46 PM

    Ok… So I am struggling BIG TIME with this Kotex ad. Why is Aunt Flo a “big black woman” and all her “nieces” are white? This is dredging up images of mammy and Aunt Jemima??? Yeah, I know they “modernized” Aunt Jemima in the 90’s by removing the scarf, adding curls and earrings, but she’s still the mammy! And Kotex has chosen to buy into the mammy sentiment with this ad. This is wrong on so many levels!! Clueless agency!

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