Komplett Commercial: Trusted by Geeks

Komplett Commercial: Trusted by Geeks

Komplett and advertising agency Acne have made this funny video that announce the geek approval for the brand.

The video takes us to the 1996 and features two geeks that are making inventions in their garage. One of them says while constructing some gadget: “One day we are going to be the best in the Nordics at this”. “And there are going to be robots”. After that the non stop rumbling laughter follows. Than we see the nowadays automated technology. The contagious laugh again.

Watch the video and have a good laugh.


Advertising Agency: Acne, Sweden
Creative Director: Adam Springfeldt
Art Director: Johan Holmgren
Copywriter: Erik Bergqvist
Project manager: Sofie Holmström
Account manager: Lars-Göran Uddman
Director: Susanne Falkum Lövik / Babusjka
Producer: Mads Astrup Rönning / Babusjka

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