Kleenex Prints: Stuffy Nose

Kleenex Prints: Stuffy Nose

Kleenex and advertising agency Gitam BBDO from Tel Aviv have made these amusing prints.

The funny cartoon images depict a situation of mispronunciation. Instead of saying one thing, people say the other, due to their unclean and running nose. That is how “cloud” is heard instead of “clown” and “bat” instead of “mat”.

The title says: It sounds different with a stuffy nose.

See the prints below.




Agency: Gitam BBDO, Tel Aviv, Israel
VP Creative Director: Danny Yakobowitch
Creative Director: Moshe Saikevich
Art Director: Noga Kara
Copywriter: Ronni Azulay
VP Client Service: Elika Merhavi
Planning Manager: Lili Aharon
Client Manager: Eyal Blechman
Account Manager: Tal Gvili
Production Manager: Noga Sagi
Illustration: Noga Kara, Alex Melik-Adamov

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