Kleenex Commercial: Let It Out

Kleenex Commercial: Let It Out

Kleenex is a famous tissue manufacturing company. To strengthen their positions in the market and create a long term bond with their customers, Kleenex launched a new campaign called “Let it out”. It’s common that when people start expressing emotions, at some point they find themselves in need of tissues. With the “Let it out” campaign, Kleenex is trying to build an emotional affinity between customers and Kleenex tissues.

The TV ad for this campaign is a series of situations when a famous actor in various London locations invites people to sit with him on a blue couch and have a chat.
The box of Kleenex tissues is prepared in case people need them. And they do.

Agency: JWT London
Creative director Sir Dominick Lynch-Robinson
Planner Hilde Oord
Media agency Mindshare
Media planner Mark Baschnonga
Production company HSI
Directors Rankin and Chris
Editor Gareth McEwen at The Whitehouse

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  1. steve white at 8:40 PM

    I think your ad with the kids in school clapping is one of the best of all commercials

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