KitKat Print Ad: Broken Vuvuzela

KitKat Print Ad: Broken Vuvuzela

Chocolate bar KitKat is known for its classic “Have a break, have a KitKat” slogan, a phrase which has entered the lexicon and become synonymous with the two- or four-fingered countline bar.

Recently they attached it to today’s one of the most important sport event FIFA World Cup in South Africa and its symbol vuvuzelas.

The vuvuzela is a plastic blowing horn that produces a loud, distinctive monotone note they mostly used at soccer matches in South Africa and probably everybody knows how annoying is vuvuzelas sound… So if you want to have a break from them… have a KitKat.

KitKat Print Ad Broken Vuvuzela

Advertising Agency: JWT Brussels
Country: Belgium
Creative Director: Jean-Luc Walraff
Art Director: Cédric Minot
Copywriter: Jurgen Verbiest
Photographer: Antoine Melis
Tagline: Have a break, Have a Kit Kat
Published: June 2010

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