Kit Kat Ad: Kit Kat Goes to Space

Kit Kat Ad: Kit Kat Goes to Space

Kit Kat and advertising agency JWT London have released this impressive project.

The video was made the day before Red Bull Stratos skydive jump, performed by Felix Baumgartner. After many delays due to bad weather, Kit Kat decided to support Felix. The creatives sent a chocolate bar to space. A camera was filming the footage, which was shared online. Kit Kat was sent to 116,490 feet high. Nice work!

Watch the video and tell us what do you think about it.


Agency: JWT London
Client: Kit Kat
ECD: Russell Ramsey
Digital ECD: Ricardo Figueira
Creative Director: Barry Christie
Creative Director: Jason Berry
Creative: Chris Jones
Community Manager: Ria Campbell
Producer: Laura Thorne

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