Kiss FM Print: Ozzy Osbourne, Where Are You?

Kiss FM Print: Ozzy Osbourne, Where Are You?

Kiss FM and advertising agency Lua Branca have launched this amazing print commercial entitled „Ozzy Osbourne, where are You?“.

The beautiful cartoon picture is full of different images that represent hip-hop. The city of hip-hop presents its awesome landscape. Fancy gardens with the jacuzzi and beautiful girls. B-boys, diamond rings and dollars. Where the hell is Ozzy Osbourne?

See the marvelous print below and tell us what you think of it.



Advertising Agency: Lua Branca, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director: Atila Francucci
Art Director: Rodrigo Cabello
Copywriter: Bruno Godinho
Planner: Paula Righetti
Illustrator: Paulo Garcia, Mauricio Sampaio, Sandro Grasseti (Zombie Studio)
Art Buyer: Anna Bohm
Account Supervisor: Bruno Sattim
Account Manager: Ricardo Polmon
Advertiser’s Supervisor: Tais Abreu

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