Kia Commercial: Warranty

Kia Commercial: Warranty

Kia and advertising agency Innocean Worldwide Europe from Frankfurt have released the new funny campaign.

The videos promote Kia’s 7 year warranty, which provides drivers with the vehicle maintenance. To demonstrate it, the creatives have pulled off the ads from a very unusual perspective. In the first video a lady is trying to fix her vehicle herself. And the second video features a naughty driver, who is having sex in his car.

Watch the videos and stay tuned for more from the campaign.


Agency: Innocean Worldwide Europe, Frankfurt, Germany
Associate Creative Directors: Thorsten Noack, Uwe Linthe
Director: Christof Schröter
Director of Photography: Konstantin Freyer
Producer: Henning Strüve
Postproduction Supervisor: Lutz Forster

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