Kayak Commercial: Pupils

Kayak Commercial: Pupils

A brand new hilarious commercial for Kayak from a creative agency BFG9000 New York was entitled „Pupils“.

It features a man who has made an incredible effort just to find the best travel offer. He made his pupils so huge so that he could surf the web with no blinking. His wife suggests him to use Kayak – the site which gives all the information from the different travel sites. Before the husband browses Kayak he notices the small imperfection on his wife’s face due to these pupils. Awkward yet comical situation.

Watch the funny commercial and tell us if you like it.


Agency: BFG9000 New York
Client: Kayak
Director: Harold Einstein

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  1. Jack at 8:03 AM

    He’s got Eric Spoelstra eyes. . . . .And he’ll tease you, he’ll unease you
    All the better just to please you
    he’s precocious, and he knows just
    What it takes to make a pro blush. . . .

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