Kaoz Commercial: Watches

Kaoz Commercial: Watches

Kaoz watches presents a brand new cool commercial made by the creative agency Brandt Gruppen AS.

The video features stunt artists, street dancers, basketball players, graffiti artists and all those, living the urban life. The commercial presents its progressive product for the new generation. We can have a glimpse of inspiring and amazing street culture that grows in the cities through out the world. The video is simple but cool, beautifully expresses the idea.

Watch this amazing ad and tell us what you think of it.


Producer: Brandt Gruppen AS
Director: Joon Brandt
DOP: Tor Eigil Scheide
Light: Rune Kalgraff
P.ass: Alex Ek
Makeup: Isabella Mork
Assistant Makeup: Atifa Khani
Styling: Isabella Mork, Ass: Atifa Khani
Clipp: Ove Kenneth Nilsen HF
Grade: Haavard Albertsen HF
Actors: Alexandra Joner, Dreamon, Linnéa Myhre, Johannes Wallace, Gard J. Hvaara, Didrik Dege Dimmen, Erik Christoffer Holtnnæs med team, Anders Ek

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