Kabuto Noodles Commercial: First Live Improvised Ad!

Kabuto Noodles Commercial: First Live Improvised Ad!

Kabuto Noodles and advertising agency 18 Feet & Rising have released this awesome video ad recently.

Dear audience, the brand is very proud to present the Worlds’s First Live Improvised Advert! The spot takes place on stage, where an amazing improvisation group performs a very funny show, which spins around Kabuto Noodles. See how the actors improvise under the situations like stuck in the Antarctica or film noir. Hilarious!

Watch the spot and have a good laugh.


Agency: 18 Feet & Rising
Improvisation group: Mischief Theatre featuring Henry Lewis, Jonathan Burke, Dave Hearn & Nancy Wallinger
Host: Rob Carter
Live Broadcast Director: James Russell
Creatives: Anna Carpen, Alex Delaney
Concept Director: Jake Mavity for Tantrum
Producer: Emily Hodgson
Account Director: Adrienne Little
Production Company Producer: Vicki Betihavas (Live producer @ Nineteen Fifteen) and Jeannine Mansell (Producer @ Tantrum)
Production Company: Nineteen Fifteen & Tantrum
Composer/Music Supervisor: Sie Medway-Smith @ The Sound Works
DOP: Nick Wheeler
Production Manager: Helen Dulay
Stage manager: Danny Steggall
Set dresser/ Stylist: Robin Orson
Set dresser/ Stylist assistant: Emily Howard

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